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Welcome to i-Dentist Group Centre – A group of professional dentists in Vancouver. We are dedicated to providing personalized care using the latest technology by highly qualified staffs. We provide gentle cosmetic and general family dentistry. Our goal is to restore and maintain your oral health in a soothing and friendly environment so that visiting the dentist will be a pleasant experience.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Much like fingerprints, every set of teeth is slightly different; because of this situation, every person’s smile will also be slightly different, even though it might not appear to be the case upon first glance. And while some people might say that any smile is a good smile, there are those who may wish for the look of their smile to be better.

Cosmetic Fillings

Dental fillings are essentially a part of life; despite a patient’s best efforts with proper dental hygiene, there can be circumstances that result in some tooth decay.  An important factor in these cases is early detection, done through routine dental check-ups, so that we can fill the cavity and prevent more extensive tooth damage and more expensive treatment.

Routine Dental Check-ups

The importance of routine dental care cannot be overstated.  A majority of dental treatment can be prevented entirely by routine at-home and in-office dental care.  It is an undebatable fact that people who follow routine dental care practices have healthier mouths and teeth for a longer time.  In fact, age-related tooth loss is no longer a given.  If you routinely take care of your teeth, there is an excellent chance that you can have your teeth for a lifetime.

Our goal is to make sure you leave with a smile on your face!

For Healthy & Happy Smiles With Minimum Dental Treatment

It is not debatable that prevention is better than cure, from a dental care perspective, it is better to prevent problems than let them develop and then treat them.  This is the basis for preventative dentistry today.

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